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 The Book of Infernal Demons

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PostSubject: The Book of Infernal Demons   Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:53 pm

I decided to write this as a bit of an aid to understanding the demons and powers of the Demonscar Cult in the Moon Warriors RP! In total there are 8 Infernal Demons and one overlord. The demons are separated into Ordos. I'll be updating this frequently with knew demons as I come up with them! However the "Deus" Ordo won't be revealed till the end.

Deus: Lord of Chaos; Saiga Shadowstalker, The Fallen One (No info yet, or picture.. I have to put a lot of work into this one)

Primoris Ordo: Cardinal Aspects; Sacrifice and Corruption

Secundus Ordo: Revered Aspects; Destruction, Disease, Sorrow and Torment

Ganthorazz, The Flame of Destruction (Flamma de Ruina)
Aspect: Destruction
Element: Fire
Image: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Incantation: Avavago (That which Incinerates)
History: Ganthorazz was a warmonger in life, he lived for the battlefield and relished the destruction and pain he wreaked throughout his enemy's lands. Where as dying on the battlefield with honor is known as a warrior's death and known to quell the spirit, Ganthorazz's spirit, despite dying a noble death his thirst for bloodshed and destruction corrupted his spirit turning him into a demon. His human vessel was destroyed and the feelings he once loved manifested themselves in the form of a grand dragon, his armor became his steel-like crimson scales, his horns and skin between his wings stained as black as night, and the end of his tail became alight with the flames of anger, war and destruction.
Full Summoning: When Ganthorazz is fully summoned into the realm of humans he drastically increases the temperature of the environment surrounding the summoner, causing vegetation to dry out and combust. He will also breath deadly fire with heat compairable of that to a blue star.
Imbue Aspect: When a summoner requests Ganthorazz to imbue his aspect upon them, Ganthorazz gifts them with searing armor, burning enemies that touch it. They also develop a flaming tail and horns identical to his while they are in the imbued state.

Malakarr, The King of Disease (Rex Rigis de Morbus)
Aspect: Disease
Element: Earth
Image: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Incantation: Oxex Raclir (Swear your Obedience with Vomiting and Weeping!)
History: Malakarr was a naturalist in life, he preferred spending time out in the wild away from cities and most other people. He would survive off what mother nature gave him, including using animal pelts to clothe himself. Relatively he lived a peaceful sinless life, never harming anyone or others arbitrarily for battle, only for means of survival. However he met his end when he was slowly killed by a deadly illness. Having known that the illness was caused by a microscopic creature that mother nature created, he felt betrayed, it was the emotion of betrayal that corrupted his spirit. His spirit took on the form of a deer, spikes and horns protruding in certain areas of his body and twin snakes for tails. His hooves cause the ground beneath them to decay.
Full Summoning: When Malakarr is summoned he usually will do one of two things, he will let out a roar causing most living organisms in the vicinity to be afflicted by the same plague that killed him, organisms without an active immune system such as plants begin to rot and decay instantly, however humans and wolves suffer much longer and will survive for three days before dying. Or he will stomp the ground beneath him causing the ground to become brittle and rot, this makes the ground unable to support most weight and as such any enemies standing on the rotting ground literally fall into the ground while it collapses in on them.
Initial Infection: Weakness, Fever
3 hours After: Vision begins to fail, Weakness, Fever, Breathing becomes slightly difficult
Day 2: Vision Fails, Motor skills begin to fail, Hearing begins to fail, Breathing is difficult, Weakness, Fever
Day 3: All major senses fail, Motor skills are gone, Breathing is almost impossible, Severe Chest Pains, Weakness, Fever
Day 4: Death due to either Asphyxiation or Heart Failure.
Imbue Aspect: When Malakarr imbues a follower with his aspect, the summoner will gain antlers such as his, and their tail will become a snake, which can poison enemies with a paralyzing neuro-toxin. Inaddition the fangs and claws of the summoner can become soaked with different diseases and poisons at the will of the summoner. Lastly their fur will turn a sickly green and emits an odor akin to that of rot, save for the odor containing minor contagions (such as the common cold, nothing deadly emits from the fur).

Verithias, Hand of Sorrow (Manus De Moestitia)
Aspect: Sorrow
Element: Water
Image: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Incantation: Emna ol Adrpan (Herein I cast you into Despair)
History: Originally Verithias was an elf, a very rare species that was not found in many areas let alone Grand Forest. He was a very happy man before his death, he lived a life of luxury, a life that anyone could ask for. A large home, extreme wealth, a magnificent lover, and social reverence. However a life of luxury is a very hollow life, as he gained in years his lover left him once she deemed him too old, his subsequent lovers found others that were much more wealthier than he, eventually his lust took advantage of him, when he lost all of his wealth in a messy divorce with his last wife. Without his money he lost his home, his love life faded and people looked upon him as a beggar now. With no alternative he took his own life, his actions and decision were spurred on by feelings of Sorrow and Despair, and as such when he died he took on the form of a raven, who bore an ill omen wherever it went. In his demonic body, his will to have a life as he once had forced his transformation to cause him to become quite elegant for a demon, his feathers were long and flowing, especially three that extended from his tail, these three feathers each held a tear drop at the end.
Full Summoning: When Verithias is first summoned enemies of the summoner are struck by either great despair or great sorrow, forcing them into a temporary submission, while they are incapacitated Verithias encases them within the tear drops on the ends of his three tails, forcing them to die of asphyxiation should they find no method of escape. He can also adjust sea levels and cause tsunamis.
Imbue Aspect: When a summoner requests of Verithias to imbue his aspect upon them their fur grows longer in certain spots on their body similar to Verithas these elongated hairs come together at the ends and hold tear drops at their end. They also gain wings with long feathers allowing them flight, they also gain the ability to direct the flow and pressure of water, finally their howl can cause even the most stalwart warriors to become filled with despair and sorrow.

Tertius Ordo: Subsequent Aspects; Wrath and Betrayal

Diatesseron Ordo: Lesser Demons who serve the aspects
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The Book of Infernal Demons
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