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 Bill's stories.

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Bill MD
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Tavern's Head Guardian

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PostSubject: Bill's stories.   Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:57 am

A collection of stories or thoughts that I will try to tell regularly. They are either translated or from my own imagination.


No Saints

There is no such thing as Saints in the world, and there is no such thing as absolute evils. What we perceive as the ultimate good is what we aspire but have no ability to be. What we think of as the ultimate evil is only what we are capable of, except that we blame it on the Devil (Evil forces) to absolve our guilt.

Saints are only villains that are never caught. They think they are the best and think of other people as inferior. Zealots are a prime example of this. Their view on what is dirty and what is clean is different. Their distaste and reluctance to do anything that they consider is bad makes people think that they are 'deeply principled'. This is a lie. They don't want to get their hands dirty and they care too much from what other people would think and say.

Villains are only people who think they are enlightened, not fearing to do dirty things in order to get things done. They are the people that get things moving. They feel that they have a sense of purpose and that they are right when everyone else is wrong. They fear not the insults and scorn of humanity. They do not care about what other people think of them.

What you think is only limited to what you're used to. Break free, and see from a different angle.


To be is to do ~ Socrates

To do is to be ~ Sarte

Do be do be do ~ Sinatra
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Bill's stories.
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