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 A Soldier's Mission (by: CrimsontheWolf)

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PostSubject: A Soldier's Mission (by: CrimsontheWolf)   Fri Sep 03, 2010 2:46 pm

A lone Soldier slides forward on ruble a Intervention at his side he smiled at the irony of it a sniper riffle called intervention was about to intervene in history by taking out one man a cruel man who runs the rebel’s that is what he simply called it nothing else to the outside world. The Man wanted to rule the world. The soldier pulled the riffle into position his battered and bruised body screaming in defiance of the punishment.

The soldier silently wishing for his squad who had died getting him back his ancient riffle from years gone by back for him after they had saved him. The soldier sighed the least he could do for his team was to finish the mission. Griping the riffle he looks through the scope down at the enemy camp. He spots a flag ancient and thread bare of red, white, and blue with a field of 50 stars. The soldier wonders what nation of years gone by used that flag.

The soldier looks through the camp and spots the target a man in a suit in his late 40’s both hands raised and slapped the podium in front of him for dramatic effect. The soldier adjusts his sights and fires the recoil of the riffle ripping open stitches on his shoulder. The man hand in the air finger pointing towards the heaven’s takes a bullet just over his heart letting him survive what would have been a fatal shot.

The soldier sighs and slinks towards the exit of the building that was in ruins “Fate or god has saved that man lets see if he makes it worth while.” The soldier adjusts the arm band he is wearing a red one with a white circle and a swastika in the center of it. “Min Furor I have failed and I don’t think I’ll make it back.” The soldier take’s a passing glance over his shoulder. The man had a group of soldier’s surrounding him and a medic or two keeping him alive. The soldier turned and limped off to his fate.
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A Soldier's Mission (by: CrimsontheWolf)
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