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 Chaos, Creation and Order

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PostSubject: Chaos, Creation and Order   Fri Sep 03, 2010 9:14 pm

I remember it well... the day I died, the day I failed to take her down with me!! I failed to succeed in my plans... Because of her they survived... but... I did not die... no... that stone served to protect my essence. Within it, I instilled the last of my energy, my soul so that I would recover my strength in the inferno. While she rested in that perfect world, which the mortals called 'Paradise'... where our creators subsided. They thought me dead, and now they still think so, but they are horribly horribly wrong.

Eons ago the Del'nari (Del-narh-eye) came to this realm, this world that they call great forest to complete their life-cycle and create new Del'nari. They sought to bless two races with different forms of purity, and in time they would eventually assimilate each other and become 'whole'. The Del'nari found three races, one which showed exceptional knowledge but minor potential for evolution, innately the Del'nari found that they were corrupt and were unsuited, they called them Von'Gor, which in their language meant "those entangled by their own darkness". They did study the humans for a while, observing the emotions they had and the frequency of which were expressed. Through these studies they began searching for another race that showed these emotions as well, but were not nearly as corrupt... a more "simple race".

In this search they found my people... back then we were simple hunters... and as such we were named so. They called us the Jagdhund, meaning "The Hunters" they blessed my people with the Purity of Mind. They gave us the intelligence we have now and made us more similar to the humans, the purity they gave us allowed us to think clearly without our emotions interfering to a major extent. It created a sort of Order. They continued their search for the other part of their life cycle.

They came to the area where my shrine is now, and found a creature entwined in roots about to be devoured. The Del'nari descended and saved this creature from its would be fate. The creature possessed sentient thought, and great intelligence, yet the shock of death corrupted the creature and it fled. The Del'nari seeing potential in this creature for the second purity followed it back to its home. They discovered a semi-complex society that was somewhat advanced in comparison to the other races. They gifted the creatures with The Purity of Form. Which proved to be a mistake... when the creatures saw the Del'nari they thought of them as enemies, and feared them, this fear and anger corrupted them. Turning them into what are now commonly referred to as "Demons", though their proper names are Kez'Vofel meaning "The Darkened Ones". They became twisted and violent, their once peaceful race was now non-existent. In their rage they attacked the Del'nari killing several of them.

For a time longer the Del'nari observed the races, the Demons seemed to resent the other two races, the humans held a great disdain for the Jaghund... which were now being referred to as wolves. The wolves, saw the demons as enemies and sought to eliminate them, the humans saught to control them, and the wolves also sought peace with the humans. Upon further observation they noticed a delicate balance within human society, between chaos and order. It was maintained by a leader. Seeing the other two societies lacking in leadership they took two members of the Jaghund blessing them with power over Order. In hopes to bring balance to the two societies... they were wrong. Though I was one of the ones that was blessed with powers over Order... I was directed to bring order to the Demons... which although it was a mistake for them, it aided me. Overtime the demons began to trust me, and I learned from them and drank from their blood. I learned that there was no one to balance out the other Jaghund who had been blessed. I eventually learned how to manipulate the energies around myself as the demons did. I learned of Chaos, and its great power! I became the one who would balance her out... I abandoned Order for Chaos.

The Del'nari came to warn me the path that I took was going to lead to disaster... but I ignored their warnings... seeing that I was threatening their project the Del'nari that came to warn me attacked, but utterly failed. Using my new found power I stole his memories, learning of their plan to create new Del'nari. However the corruption that occurred compromised their plans and now their species would die off. I began capturing wolves and forcing them to drink demon blood, infusing them with demonic essence. Creating hybrids, not Del'nari... however when the wolves were hybridized the genes were co-dominant... both demon and wolf were obviously seen in the hybrid. Much later, this is of course after I "died"... anyway then within the wolves I found an outcast, who called himself Therebas. I came to him appearing as a hybrid, offering power, he accepted my offer. I gave him a portion of my power, and demonblood to drink. Surprisingly he turned into the first 'Perfect' hybrid, unlike the others he looked more like a wolf than demon. He did express demonic traits, such as enlarged teeth, claws, and horns. As well as one unusual trait, which was two extraneous tails. I told him of my plans, and he told me of a prophecy that spoke of me.
"In the fullness of time
The cycle shall draw to its end.
The Deus, who forged the stars,
Will transcend their creation....
Yet, the Fallen One shall remain,
Destined to cover the Void in shadow...
Before the imprisoned one wakes from her
Deep Slumber,
He shall break the cycle of the gods,
Devouring all light and hope.
It begins with the Great Hungerer.
It ends in utter darkness."
I told him of my need for resurrection, this world would suffer... I would be resurrected with my full strength, and she would not be able to do anything to stop me from devouring this world... even if she returned to this world... I would overpower her and chaos would prevail! My time... and the time of demons draws near... the wolves and humans will cower in fear before my return!
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Chaos, Creation and Order
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