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 A New Romeo and Juliet; Part 2

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PostSubject: A New Romeo and Juliet; Part 2   Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:23 pm

Neo Verona
Although the city continues to grow, it has never faced a darker year.
The city's current ruling noble family, The Capulets, had taken power when they personally led a revolt on the old ruling family, The Montagues.
Only with the help of his guardian, young Romeo de Montague, barely old enough to speak, fled his family estate, and survived what was called the Montague Massacre.
Without an eligible heir, The Montagues lost their place as Neo Verona's ruling family to The Capulets.
And ever since, Neo Verona has been plagued with misfortune.

It has been 15 years since the Montague Massacre.

Part 2

Lord Capulet raised his nose to he crowd, and was met by unexpected cheering and applause.
The lord spun around, and his heart rose in his throat as the young man landed on the ground, the rope that was to hang him was cut.
On the stage, an arrow with royal blue fletching had been pegged into the wood.

The crowd was looking up on the castle wall, and every guard's attention shifted from their Lord, to the castle bulwark.
A bow in his hands, wearing a feathered royal blue fedora that cast a shadow over his face and a matching blue overcoat, he stood mockingly in the open.
The entire crowd's reaction was the same.
"It's him! The Blue Legacy!"

Lord Capulet's face turned a maroon almost as dark as his attire.
"Kill him!" He shouted to his guards.
The ones with arrows drew them off their backs and the royal guards without tried to run through the crowd to block any escape.
Juliet ran in a different direction.

Running straight to a vine covered castle wall.
Juliet grabbed the vines roots and climbed to the bulwark The Blue Legacy stood on.
Seeing Juliet on the castle wall with the the royal blue vigilante, Lord Capulet barked new orders.
"Dont Fire, you dogs! My Daughter's up there!"

On the castle wall, The Blue Legacy tossed his bow to the side and drew a short sword from his hip.
"This puny guard is Juliet de Capulet? Please tell me you jest!" He said, relaxing his pose.
"Puny? I'm the youngest Captain to ever lead the royal guard. You will eat those words, Villain!" She shouted, drawing her long sword.

She sliced at The Blue Legacy with surprising speed and poise.
The vigilante stepped back to avoid the blade's gleaming edge.
Taking a step forward, Juliet aimed her sword at his heart, and thrust her sword forward.
He pulled his short sword up in time to divert the long sword's point, but Juliet pulled her blade back to her and took another stab, and another, each as fast as a viper's bite.

"I must say, you deserve your title as captain," The Blue Legacy said, slapping Juliet's sword to the side once more with more ferocity than before.
"But a highborn maiden is still only a maiden. Women like you shouldn't take up arms,"
Juliet took a step away.
"And a sexist mutt like you shouldn't think of himself as a noble!" Juliet cursed, trying harder to slice into The Blue Legacy's overcoat, trying to drive her blade into his flesh.

"I didn't mean to insult," he said, dodging past the long sword and stepping inside Juliet's personally space.
The Blue Legacy stood a hair's width away from Juliet, and his face was inches away from hers.
"I meant that a maiden as fair as you shouldn't fight, lest your beautiful body become scarred from an errant blade's edge."

Juliet was speechless and dumbfounded.
The vigilante's shadowed face was much younger than she imagined, only a year or so older than herself.
His blue eyes were not threatening, but full of courage and resolve.
The fedora cloaked his handsome face at a distance, but so close, Juliet saw the Vigilantist with new eyes.

"Who are you?" Juliet whispered, forgetting where she was.
"You know who i am," The young man said with a soft voice.
Just as Juliet remembered her sword, The Blue Legacy winked and jumped off the castle wall, falling out of the castle.
Juliet watched and for a moment, she was frozen, piecing parts of the puzzle together.
She looked over the wall, and down on the road between the wooden houses and the stone castle wall, The Blue Legacy laid in a cart full of hay, his hat and overcoat were off.
Dark messy hair and a big grin on a teenage boy's face.

"It can't be him..." Juliet said, the thought escaping through her lips.
Had she really fallen for her father's worst enemy and the last of the Montagues?

To Be Continued in Part 3

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A New Romeo and Juliet; Part 2
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