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 The revised Rules. Please Read.

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Tavern's Head Custodian

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PostSubject: The revised Rules. Please Read.   Tue Sep 21, 2010 8:50 pm

1.) Have fun. [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
The Tavern is about walking in, Joining an RP, Chatting with members of different backgrounds, and having fun.

2.) Dont leave a tab.
Coming in and posting whenever isnt bad, but it's not polite to make a Tale(a fancy way to say an RP) or join a Tale and then not post in it.
That slows it down, and stops Rule 1 from happening.
If you dont want to(or dont know how to) continue a story, we can move it to the side so other Tales can take place.

3.) No Fighting.
Seriously. Take it outside.
If you have a problem, we can talk about it.
A debate about a topic is fine.
A swearword competition is not fine.
While debating about topics are fine, flaming or any of the type are strictly prohibited, I know people have different opinions on matters, but there's no need to be hatin' on other people because of what they think.
Private Message each other if you must argue, but if there is a problem, PM myself, or one of the Mods and we'll help.

4.) Interrupting is prohibited.
Rule #4 covers two different situations.
"Double Posting" is the act of posting after you have made a post.
Double posting is sloppy, Editing your previous post is the best thing you can do.
Double posting is prohibited unless stated otherwise in a thread.
It is extremely rude to Hijack someones topic.
By that i mean, lets say someone makes a thread, and you join in and try to make it your own. This is a big No-No.

5.) The Tavern doesnt serve SPAM.
Spam, seemingly pointless annoying messages. They include off-topic additions to a chat, linking to sights that hold No Relevance to the topic, or messages that are too short.
In the RP, we are strict on Spam. Please please please I never want to see a post in the RP less than 10 words.
In other boards, Spam is a post with 3 words or less.
"That looks Cool" as the only text in one post IS Spam.

6.) Respect the admins and mods.
They work hard to bring fun to the forum. If you have any comments on one of the Mods, or you think the admin is a moron, PM one of the OTHER Mods or Admin.

7.) No multiple accounts. [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

8.) Keep language and topics pg 13, unless in the Mature Thread.
We made a mature thread for a reason.
You wanna swear and talk about sex and gore, do it there, not in the main forums.
Pornographic images will be an instant ban.

  • Rules are here for a reason. Disobeying rules means that you don't respect the person or people that put them in place. It takes all the fun of The Tavern away.
  • If you dont like one(or more) of the rules, or you think you'd like to change(or add) a rule, message me.
  • You will be warned if you break a rule, continue breaking rules without fixing what you have done will result with a temporary Ban from the forum. Come back and continue causing problems, and we'll ban you permanently and block your IP address.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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The revised Rules. Please Read.
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