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 A New Romeo and Juliet; Part 6

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PostSubject: A New Romeo and Juliet; Part 6   Mon Sep 27, 2010 8:42 am

Neo Verona
Although the city continues to grow, it has never faced a darker year.
The city's current ruling noble family, The Capulets, had taken power when they personally led a revolt on the old ruling family, The Montagues.
Only with the help of his guardian, young Romeo de Montague, barely old enough to speak, fled his family estate, and survived what was called the Montague Massacre.
Without an eligible heir, The Montagues lost their place as Neo Verona's ruling family.
And ever since, Neo Verona has been plagued with misfortune.

It has been 15 years since the Montague Massacre.

Part 6

As soon as Benvolio's torch faded down the tunnel, and his footsteps could no longer be heard, Lancelot and Romeo started snickering.
"Vigilante ideas, interesting way ah putting it." Lancelot said, finding the quarterstaves on the wall.
"Benvolio may be a swords expert, but I think you would win in a fight against him, Lancelot." Romeo said, taking a quarterstaff from Lancelot.

15 years ago, Lancelot was there with Benvolio in the burning Montague estate. He was one of the few nobles who knew Romeo was alive.
Luckily, Lancelot was an amazing teacher at acrobatics and fighting with improvised weapons.
Even luckier, Lancelot was also on good terms with the Capulet family.
They never suspected he was helping the only heir to the Montague House.

When Lancelot nodded, Romeo twirled the staff and began fighting offensively.
"Benvolio should- Really lighten up- About- The- Blue- Legacy!" Romeo said in between throwing hits at Lancelot's defenses and dodging counters the old weapon master would throw in.
"Tha be True, lad," Lancelot said simply.
As Romeo adjusted his grip on the staff, he swung down like an axe on Lancelot.
The Weapon master spun his staff around Romeo's, and as Romeo's staff hit the ground, Lancelot put his foot on it.

Lancelot looked at the defenseless Romeo, and grinned mischievously.
Faster then Romeo could react, Lancelot's staff was smacking Romeo in the shins.
"I nevah should ah dug up ya father royal blue coat and hat," Lancelot said, letting Romeo have his staff back.
"But Ben has really got-ten on mah arse on tis one. Dont go out in public like tha again? For me?"
Romeo looked down at his feet and let loose a dramatic sigh even William would applaud at.
"Alright, i promise."

After Romeo was thoroughly covered in bruises, he took his time walking back through the underground tunnels.
He was thinking back to his promise, of not dressing up as the Blue Legacy.
It was true Lancelot had accidentally given him the idea, but he never told him to do anything.
Romeo just had been so frustrated at the Royal guard and the soldiers in town, at Neo Verona herself!
The night Lancelot had shown him the wide brimmed fedora and the regal overcoat he wanted to scare the soldier on the streets.

It wasnt long before every night he was out in his fedora and overcoat, giving the Royal Guards hell, breaking fights their soldier would start, rescuing people who were in distress, earning the title of 'hero' from the people and 'villain' from the soldiers.
His thoughts on the city guard slowly drifted to the youngest Captain to ever lead the royal guard, the beautiful Juliet, and Romeo fought the overpowering urge to swoon.
Romeo was so deep in thought he did not hear the pair of footsteps coming from behind....

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A New Romeo and Juliet; Part 6
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