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 Excert from an Immortal's Diary

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PostSubject: Excert from an Immortal's Diary   Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:26 pm

... I awoke from the nightmare, again.
One would think two hundred years would be suffice to blunt the steel edge of a sharp memory.
...But at night, i see my old home by shadows and fire; still their shrieks fill the air.
How much longer must I live before they fall silent?
Is it too much to ask them to Die?

Such dreams belong to another time, to another man!
One who would recoil from the dark deeds I've done since that night.
One who might even care for all the sacrifices I've offered up to the odious judges over these long years.

I see that man back then, as he was.
As dashing as me,
As fiery as me,
But so... Delicate. So... Breakable.
And so... afraid of death.

I see him summon the Shadow Court into this world, oblivious to the consequences.
He asks them for the immunity from the disease of time.
Immunity from the kiss of death.
...And they Granted.

I see him, running, madly through fields,
The realization of what price he had unwittingly paid,
hanging like a tragedy mask from his face!

He falls to his knees, screaming...
Before the town he called home, now a dark circus of screams...
Her's is among them...
And he can do nothing to stop it.

Humph. What a weak and despicable man he is.
...But, I am not he.
... I am the flawless face of Despair.
I am the highest Echelon...
And I will sleep better after another draft of wine.

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Excert from an Immortal's Diary
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