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 Mission Briefing (by: CrimsontheWolf)

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PostSubject: Mission Briefing (by: CrimsontheWolf)   Fri Sep 03, 2010 5:03 pm

A soldier sits at a table surrounded by other soldiers all were Generals. Our soldier though was a grizzled old bastard who had led armies into and brought them intact. He was arguing with the other generals most desk jockeys who brown nosed their way to their rank. The other’s had led squads and armies into battle but not as many times or even brought them out as intact as the old bastard.

“Sir we know it’s a suicide mission but we all agree that if anyone can do it. It’s you!” The bastard frowned gravely at the other generals. “This will fail it seems to me also it will cost more live than a drawn out war will.” The other general’s who saw combat nodded their heads “agreed but we don’t have the resources for a drawn out war.” The bastard nodded his head in agreement “I know but the only way this mission is even feasible. Is if I get the best equipment that we can offer.” The desk Jockeys jumped out of their chair in anger yelling at the old bastard replied sourly to them “Do you just want the taxes raised by asking for a budget increase or do you want to run the citizens dry as the war drags on… I believe this briefing is over gentlemen goodbye.” The old bastard said then stalked out of the briefing room to what may be his last battle.
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Mission Briefing (by: CrimsontheWolf)
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